We offer education in three areas:

Electrical engineering

• Information technology technician
• Computer technician
• Mechatronics technician
• Electrician

Mechanical engineering

• Industrial mechanic
• Locksmith – welder
• Robotics technician
• (CNC) machine computer control technician
• Motor vehicle mechanic

Traffic engineering

• Road transport technician
• Traffic-transport technician
• Driver

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About the School

First schools for general education in Subotica were formed in the 18th century, when the first education  bills were passed. Maria Theresa issued the first Racio Educationis (Education bill), which introduced compulsory schooling for children aged between 7 – 10. The second half of the 18th century brought with it the founding of vocational schools. The first Technical school in the world was founded in Paris, in 1794.

A group of engineers and technicians started the initiative for founding Technical High School in Subotica, in April, 1945. By the decision of the Presidency of the National Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Voivodina, Technical School in Subotica was founded on June 8, 1945. During the summer, the principals and the teachers were appointed, and the location for the school building was decided, 38 Wilson Street, which is today’s 38 Maksim Gorki Street.

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