About the first mobility activity

Within the Erasmus+ Project “Let’s Make Ideas Happen”

First mobility activity included 4 teachers from each of the 6 schools from 5 countries:

  • 2 schools from Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara)
  • 1 school from Northern Macedonia
  • 1 school from Romania
  • 1 school from Portugal
  • Host school – “Ivan Saric” Technical School, Subotica

The meeting of the teachers from the 6 schools lasted 5 days – from September 6 to September 11, 2021.

All schools prepared presentations about the country and region they come from, as well as the school itself.

The teachers from the host school prepared lectures and workshops about using different platforms in teaching (Moodle, Kahoot, Edmodo), as well as the introduction of CLIL and CALL methods. The teachers from the visiting schools, after the lectures, had the task to prepare a lesson plan, applying what they learned.

The future steps of mobility activities within the Project were talked about in detail, and those activities will include students as well.

The host school also organized tour guides around the city of Subotica and its vicinity, as well as the short field trip to Kulpin, Petrovaradin and Sremski Karlovci.

The report was written by

Milica Vasic,

Coordinator of the Team for conducting the Project


In September 2021, “Ivan Sarić” Technical School as the main carrier of the “Let’s Make Ideas Happen” “Erasmus” project hosted the first mobility activity for the participants of the project. The next mobility activity took place in December 2021, from 12th to 18th, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The students from our school with their teacher-mentor took part in the activity, the main topic of which was the entrepreneurship of the young with the ultimate aim of creating business plans and starting one’s own enterprise. The activities were organized as workshops with practical usage of the acquired knowledge in creating a business plan with the aim of launching a successful and independent enterprise.

From our school, the participants were the students from the 3ITS class – Nikola Galić, Vedran Crnković, Hana Jakovetić, Bojan Kopilović and Miloš Janjić, together with their teacher – mentor Nenad Šarić.

The trip started on December 12, 8 AM. The travel to the “Nikola Tesla” airport went smoothly, but due to the unfavorable weather conditions, the flight was delayed for 8 hours.

In Istanbul, the activities went as planned for the students from our school plus 5 other countries – participants. In the next 6 days, we shared an unforgettable experience of work and fun, despite the language barriers, and the fact that not all the students spoke good English. The students and their teachers – mentors surpassed all the problems.

Besides daily obligatory activities, our hosts managed to present all the attractions and cultural and historical sites of Istanbul in the best light.

We came back on December 18, 2021. The return trip went smoothly. What we took back with us is new knowledge as well as a life’s big lesson and nice memories.

The report was composed by the teacher – mentor
Nenad Šarić


As part of the Erasmus + project “Let’s Make Ideas Happen”, the third meeting was held in Northern Macedonia in Skopje from 21 to 25 February. Students of the 3its class: Sara Klipa, Vladimir Poljaković, Stefan Bogdanović, Denis Oračić and Miloš Popović left the country. The first day was spent getting to know and touring Skopje. On the second day, students from all countries (Northern Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey – two schools and Portugal) were divided into groups so that each team has one student from the particular country. With common ideas, they formed a virtual firm and then did a SWOT analysis for their virtual firm. On the third day, the students got to know  the procedures and paperwork that are necessary for opening a company. So they spent the whole day filling out the paperwork. The fourth day was reserved for presentations of works by all groups of students. The fifth day was dedicated to free time and touring Ohrid. Students from the trip carry beautiful memories of new countries as well as customs in those countries. They also got to know their education systems. They learned how to open their own business and how to do a SWOT analysis for it. And most important of all, they met new people and  saw different places.


  “Ivan Saric”  Technical School, as the main carrier of the “Let’s Make Ideas Happen” – “Erasmus” project, sent its students to Portugal, in the period between April 25 and May 1, 2022, within this international project under the European Union patronage. The activities, workshops and lectures realized were based on the development of the enterpreneurship of the young. The group of five students from the third grade 3ITS – Irina Milošević, Filip Borenović, Daniel Galfi, Lazar Popović and Filip Francišković, together with their teacher-mentor Nenad Šarić had an opportunity to go through the planned activities of a virtual and concrete approach to enterpreneurship, together with five schools – associates from four other countries.

 Together with students from Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Romania and our hosts from Portugal, the students had a chance to visit the local business incubator. They could see there how the local community of a town not bigger than 35 thousand inhabitants has a developed strategy of aiding and organizing a start-up business, giving logistical and every other support to young enterpreneurs, in the form of joint offices, internet access, advisors, legal aid, book-keepers – all to empower their business ideas and the started business itself. We met young enterpreneurs who had some radical, new and atypical business solutions. We could see how the care of the greener and cleaner planet led to the production of insects for human comsumption, and why it will be inevitable in the future! We witnessed a PE teacher becoming a successful manager to football stars and an advisor to small clubs. We could see the possibilities that cryptocurrencies offer within block chain technologies, for creating business opportunities (and also making money). We also saw creating web pages whose aim is to make it easier for people who want to be donors in humanitarian and similar aid programs.

 Besides theoretical knowledge, we were offered practical activities by our hosts in the small place near Porto, called Esposende. We had activities which were carefully planned, and demanded physical fitness, speed, map reading, orientation, data collecting and finding the correct answers. We did this in mixed teams, using English language, but also pantomime and associations, when the language command failed. This did not hinder cooperation and competitive spirit.

 To avoid sheer educational activities connected with enterpreneurship, our hosts organized touristic sigh-seeing of their local landmarks, and the megalopolis such as Porto, which we also visited.

 As a parting activity, we had a farewell feast in the typical traditional ambiance of fiesta, with local dishes and Portugese folklore music. It was a nice party that will stay in nice memory of the participants.

 This type of international cooperation and projects give our students an opportunity to travel and work with some other cultures, people, their peers. They had an exceptional experience of European spirit, universal values it cherishes, and to get a bit closer to the world of enterpreneurship, and they are just one school year away from that harsh reality.

One thing is sure – we came back as richer people, if not in business sense, than surely in cosmopolitan spirit.

This report is composed by Nenad Šarić, teacher-mentor

translated by Milica Vasić


As part of the fifth phase of Erasmus+ project “Let’s Make Ideas Happen” the meeting was held in the city of Slobozia in Romania. Students stayed in Romania from 05.06 to 11.06.2022. On this meeting the main theme was budget and how to plan your finances right. Students got a short training course from planning the budget, then in teams, which consisted of students from different countries, they get to make specific budget plans. Some of the assignments were to have a budget of 30000e and to build a house from that budget, or how a four member family can survive monthly with 2000e, apartment renovation with 8000e… Every team made a presentation for their assignment and presented it to everyone present. Aside from studying, students spent one day in Bucharest where they visited Parliament and the museum. In Slobozia we visited a museum dedicated to agriculture, a church and a local parliament. One day was set aside for visiting Dracula’s castle in Bran.

Students who were taking part in fifth phase are: Milan Šarac, Hana Jakovetić, Sara Klipa, Nikola Galić and Stefan Bogdanović.


In September 2021, we started the realization of the project as coordinators in our school “Ivan Sarić”, where we hosted the other five schools that are a part of the project along with us. A year later, from 2.10. to 8.10.2022. the final project activity was realized in Ankara. Our host was the „Ankara Sincan Fatih Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi“ school.

 The students and mentor from our school took part in workshops which were aimed at learning financial planning, SWOT analysis, creating a business plan and starting a company. Our school’s representatives were the students of the 4ITS class – Vedran Crnković, Miloš Popović, Miljan Popov, Marko Stepanović, Denis Oračić and their mentor Danijel Mandić.

 The trip began on 2.10.2022. at 15:45. We arrived at the “Nikola Tesla” airport in Belgrade by organized transport. We had a direct flight to Ankara at 20:00. We arrived at the Ankara airport at 23:00, where we had organized transportation to the Midas hotel in central Ankara.

 In the above-mentioned vocational school we had a meeting with the other project participants where, among other things, we presented our school, city and country. After that came the workshops to arrive at the goal of the project, which is creating a business plan and starting a company. Working with students from other countries was very interesting and substantive. The students, with the help of the mentors, managed to complete the given tasks. We had various visits and tours in our free time to get to know each other better and find out more about this big country. We visited the Ataturk museum and mausoleum in the old core Ataturk. We visited Beypazari, a distant district of Ankara, where we went to the museum and took a walk through the old bazaar. On the way to Cappadocia, we had a chance to see the Salt lake, the second largest in Turkey. Cappadocia wowed us with it’s history, developed pottery, scenery and hospitality of the people there. On the final day of our stay in Ankara we were guests of the president of the Entrepreneurial chamber. They informed us about the work they do, but also listened to what we worked on during the project. On the same day, we received certificates which confirm that we attended and realized the project activities of our sixth meeting.

 The conclusion is that Ankara astounded us, brought us closer together to the schools which participated in the project with us and opened up new possibilities in our mutual progress towards a better society.


Logo design competition

Subotica, September 6-11, 2021.

Istambul, December 12-18, 2021.

Skopje – Republic of Northern Macedonia,  February 21-25, 2022.

Obrigado – Portugal,  april, 2022.

Slobozia – Romania,  jun, 2022.

Ankara – Turkey  oktober, 2022.