Web 2 Tools


Within the Erasmus + project, four teachers and the school principal were in Cekdev International Education and Development Academy, in Antalya, Turkey,  between May 14 and May 25, 2022. During the Web 2 Tools course, the members of our school team learned the basics of using different Web tools.

There are numerous tools for creating attractive presentations and video materials for teachers who want to upgrade educational contents and make them more understandable and interesting for students. The „Ivan Sarić“ Technical School team had an opportunity to get familiar with many tools such as those for creating tests, quizzes, games, team projects, simulations and so on.

Some of the tools are:

Scratch, Voki, Canva, Renderforest, WordArt, Padlet, Coggle, Quizizz, Kahoot, StoryJumper, Pixton, Mentimeter… The teachers learned creating the concepts of maps, mind maps, interactive videos, presentations and pictures. It was interesting to make a digital book, exchange of experiences, and thus we got some ideas how to improve the educational work in our schools.

Within the realization of the project, the teachers visited sites of the Antalya Region – the archeological site in the town of Side, and also the natural beauties of this part of Turkey, such as Düden waterfalls, the town of Kemer, Göynük canyon.

Antalija – Turkish